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I'm Mahima Razdan

In 2019, my life may have looked wonderful on Instagram, but internally, I was wrestling with profound dissatisfaction both professionally and personally.

Despite transitioning to a job offering more financial rewards, I struggled to find passion within it. Feedback mirrored my internal turmoil—I was disengaged, and lacking enthusiasm. Similarly, my relationship echoed this emptiness.

I longed to work with people, to make a meaningful impact in their lives, but I doubted my skills and knowledge. This internal conflict spilled over into my romantic relationships, where I often found myself with emotionally unavailable partners because I couldn't fully embrace my desires - for a family. 

It was only after examining the areas of my life that were lacking and seeking help to understand their origins—tracing back to childhood stories of inadequacy and the feeling of being different from constant travel. That realization empowered me to recognize that I held the power to change my narratives. I’m proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship and am a qualified RTT therapist with freedom from my soulless corporate job.

I'm now passionate about helping women radically transform their own lives and careers so that they don't feel like their needs come last.


Accept yourself before you wreck yourself
Carl Jung

Whenever we refuse to accept our feelings and thoughts, however disturbing they might be, we experience psychological dissonance.  When we project our shadow onto others, we refuse ownership of ourselves, distancing ourselves from ourselves, losing ourselves in the process.

Coming home to yourself...

What is it like to work with me?

Working with me is a journey guided by the belief that our subconscious holds the key to our healing. I see it as my responsibility to bear witness to your healing process and to facilitate it. Together, we delve into the origins of the source of your subconscious patterns and tendencies, often rooted in moments of hurt and confusion from our past.


I create a compassionate environment where clients can explore their stories, feeling safe and in complete control. The key is to trust the process and let go, allowing for transformation to unfold naturally.


I bring all of my professional and personal skills, tried and tested knowledge and wisdom to every client I work with – I consider it my honour, purpose and privilege to do this important work.

Free Audio


I’ve just completed three months of hypnotherapy with Mahima and I can tell you that my outlook on my business has completely changed. I heard of Mahima through a friend in common and I thought she could help me. I was dealing with anxiety and fears about my business and capabilities. During her sessions, Mahima makes you feel safe and heard. She make you talk through how you feel and then quickly pinpoint the issue and trauma. She then go to the bottom of your belief and make you realise that it’s untrue and no longer applies to your current life. She then change that belief into the opposite; positive affirmations that will resolve this block that you’ve been dealing with. The affirmation part of the session is recorded and you will have to listen to it for 21 days in order to completely absorb these new beliefs.
Mahima is so talented and really know how to find the right words that makes sense to me. This has been one of the best investment in myself I have ever made, so if you still have doubts, stop hesitating and book a session with her, you won’t regret it.

Albalone - Family Photographer, UK


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