Awaken your power to start speaking up, saying NO and asking boldly from life, love and work

I'll show you how to stop people-pleasing, staying silent, and feeling guilty. Through the work we do together you will be able to give yourself permission to feel comfortable in your own skin and find the courage to chase your dreams and be UNSTOPPABLE 



Are you tired of conflict, not getting your needs met, and feeling stressed out in your personal and professional relationships? I offer something different from traditional therapy or counseling - we will work together to rewire your mind and change your old patterns of thinking, so you see and experience the world differently

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Feel Light, Joyful, and Connected - tame that Relentless Voice in your head and cut through Anxiety

Do you have flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, as well as a high level of chronic anxiety coupled with panic attacks and a feeling of being unsafe?

The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings, or memories and start working to overcome them. This therapy will allow you to finally say goodbye to the actions of others, that have ruled our lives. At the end of our sessions, you will feel set free - with a lasting sense of calm and control

Create Happy, Healthy, Committed Love - where you feel Seen, Accepted, Respected, and Valued 

Are you disappointed in love -  either angry and resentful of your current partner or devastated after a heartbreak? Have you withdrawn into yourself and felt pushed into depression?

Working together, I can help you to understand and release the causes of your painful patterns within your relationships. Find freedom from your emotional triggers, gain emotional control and build stronger more fulfilling relationships

Uncover the Courage To Chase Your Dreams - and find a way to be both Successful and Content

Do you feel stuck, unmotivated, and unfulfilled in your professional life? Do you want to make a change but don't know how or where to start? Does the thought of the future fill you with anxiety & overwhelm?   

Through the power of hypnosis, you will uncover what’s holding you back and preventing you from taking bold steps in your career. At the end of working together, you will start to look forward and be ready to put all the energy you have available to live your best life


Hi, I'm Mahima,
I am Rapid Transformation Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, having been trained in person by Marisa Peer.

Having once been a chronic people pleaser (both professionally and personally) & trapped in a pattern of abusive relationships with men who were emotionally unavailable and a career that left me unfulfilled, I’m proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship and am a qualified RTT therapist with freedom from my soulless corporate job.
I'm now passionate about helping women radically transform their own lives and careers so that they don't feel like their needs come last.



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Your situation is unique to you so let's get on a call so that I can understand what you are going through to help me customize the perfect path to help you to get the life you deserve

Attend a 45-minute goal-setting session (or sessions depending on your package) to create a vision of the life you would like to start living and your hypnotherapy session(s), where we will work with the subconscious mind to remove emotional blocks and embed in the vision of your ideal self

Listen to your personalized recording or recording(s) - tailored just for you and focused on your current life challenges for 21 days to lock in new beliefs, habits, and emotions



What Previous Clients have Said

Mahima is a confident RTT practitioner, she identified my issues and the root cause, through hypnosis I was more aware of myself and I could review my past experiences and feelings! She reframed my thinking and I feel more confident with myself after the session! She definitely solved my issues! I strongly recommend her!

Amalia V., Romania


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