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The way out is through

Awaken Your Power

Allow us to help you chase your dreams and be unstoppable

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Ready For Change?

Here's Your Plan!

Step 1

Book a free call and customize the perfect path to help you get the life you deserve.

Step 2

45 minute goal-setting session followed by hypnotherapy.

Step 3

Personalized recording to help lock in new beliefs, habits and emotions.

Your Breakthroughs

Tired of conflict, not getting your needs met and feeling stressed out in your personal and professional relationships? Try something different from traditional therapy or counseling; work together with me to rewire your mind and experience the world differently.

Suffering with nightmares, difficulty sleeping. feeling chronic anxiety and panic attacks?

Feel light, joyful and connected by taming that relentless voice in your head.

Do you feel stuck, demotivated and unfulfilled with your professional life?

Uncover the courage to chase your dreams and find a way to be both - successful and content.

Feeling disappointed and resentful in your relationship or devastated after a breakup?

Create happy, healthy, committed love; where you feel seen, accepted, respected and valued.

 Mahima - Founder of Attraverso

Rapid Transformation Practitioner & Hypnotherapist


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